Art Glass Canada

Over the past 40 years, from the perspective of an artist and gallery owner, I have watched the Canadian contemporary art glass movement flourish into the mature force it is today. Successful glass studios are found from coast to coast and our works are in museums and private collections around the world. I am proud and excited to present some of the finest glass talent in our nation. These artists were selected for their mastery of the medium, uniqueness of vision, integrity and ability to transcend the threshold into the world of art. The creations were carefully chosen for their high level of craftsmanship, strength of design and diversity of styles. The general aesthetic is clean, defined lines and forms that are both balanced and dynamic. Each piece is sure enough of itself to stand on its own or play well with others in groupings. This glass has the ability to stimulate thought and contemplation as well as enhance your environment. Some pieces will even hold flowers!

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Café Boulud

As curator of the art glass display, I am happy to associate myself with the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Café Boulud, located at 60 Yorkville Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 0A4, 2nd floor, Most of the glass art found at this website can be seen on display at the beautiful restaurant. There, I have tried to integrate the art glass into the visual flow of the restaurant. The art work and this dining experience are cause to celebrate. At Café Boulud, the artists I represent have a forum to cameo their finest work.

Besides the pieces seen in the restaurant, I offer a deeper range of work by each artist/craftsperson. Groupings, editions, commissions and corporate needs may be accommodated. My hope is to share the joy of these pieces with you. Please feel free to inquire.