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David Thai

Current Event $7500, © David ThaiCaviar Bowl $3500, © David ThaiSwish $1250, © David ThaiSilver Dance, 16 in x 11 in x7.5 in, $1500 © David ThaiDeflated Ego, 16.5 in x 11 in x 9 in, $1500. © David ThaiEmbarrassed But Proud, 15.75 in h x 11 in x 10 in, $1500 © David ThaiGord with silver leaf 14 in h x 8 in w $950, © David ThaiGord 16.5 in x 9 in $950, © David ThaiTwo Part Harmony, $3,500 $1,500 © David Thai


David Thai
(Choi Kei Hoi)

“Glass is the medium that best reflects my innermost feelings.   I am deeply moved by its metamorphosis from a molten state to a solid shape of my own design.  My focus is always on both the creation of a timeless design and expressing contemporary style.

A high level of technical skill is a must for the work to be challenging and to realize my vision.   One unique feature of my work is the use of thick Japanese silver foil on the surface of many of the blown forms. On the hot glass surface, it folds and undulates in an imprecise yet predictable manner.  The effect is a fluid decoration, reminiscent of the process itself.”

David Thai is a Chinese Canadian artist who escaped from Vietnam on a boat.  He subsequently immigrated to Canada in 1985. He graduated from Ryerson University (business) and the Sheridan College Crafts and Design Glass Program in 2002.

2010 Best of Show: Gold Cost Art Festival – Chicago, Illinois
2010 Best of Show: Port Clinton – Highland Park, Illinois
2007 Grant:  Canada Arts Council
2006 Craft Project Grant: Individual, Ontario Arts Council


Canadian Embassies: Algeria, Hungary, Peru  and Spain