presents Toronto Art Glass

David Calles

Pimpollo, 19.5 in/50cm high x 4.5 in/11.5 cm deep, $1600, © David CallesSquare Pimpollo, 14 in/36 cm high x 5 in/12.5 cm deep, $1400, © David CallesPimpollo, Rectangle, 18 in/46 cm high x 3.5/9 cm deep, $1950, © David CallesMini Pimpollo 16 in h x 6 in w x 3 in d $1100, © David CallesMini Pimpollo 17.5 in h x 7 in w x 3 in d $1100, © David CallesPimpollo Maximo 36 in h x8.5 in w x 3 in d $2700, © David CallesPimpollo Square 19 in h x 6 in w x 2.5 in d $1200, © David CallesPimpollo Square 19.5 in hg x 5.5 in w x 2 in d $1200, © David Calles

“I express myself through the exploration of color, form and traditional Italian cane techniques. In my “Pimpollos” series I attempt to mimic the little shock of color often found in nature and transport it into people’s homes.   Out my studio’s bay windows is a view that inspires:  a shifting spectrum of sea and sky blues, the blush of the flowering garden, and the stalwart earth tones of the West Coast.”

David Calles is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.   In 1973, at sixteen years old, he traveled to London, England and stayed until 1979.   In 1980 he spent six months in Mexico where he learned to work in silver. He then returned to Argentina and trained and worked on time-motion studies for a factory that made radiators. Later, while living in Providence, Rhode Island from 1983-1990 he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University.   He then went to Albuquerque, New Mexico  to work as a jeweller.  David came to Canada in 1993 and attended Sheridan College in Ontario between 1994 and 1999, majoring in glass.  In 2001 he moved to Victoria, BC and in 2007 started his own glass blowing studio.