Art Glass Canada

Andy Kuntz

Purple Vine in Springtime, 10.5 in x 4 in, $1200. © Andy KuntzRipe 12 in h x 10 in d  $850, © Andy Kuntz Blue Heron at Sunset 17.5 in h x 8.5 in d  $2200, © Andy Kuntz
Crystal Reach approx. 26 in h $1850, © Andy Kuntz


“After school, as a pre-teen, I used to walk alone in the woods near my home in rural Ontario, always acutely interested in that transition when day turns to dusk turns to eve.  The jostling of birds, as they settled into their roost for the duration of the night, captured my imagination.  The colours of the setting sun as it bounced off the plumage moved me in a profound way.  Later, my explorations with hot glass led to a parallel experience; bearing witness to the changes of light as my work goes from liquid to solid.  The idea that I can actually control a force of nature while encapsulating vibrant colours in my glass vases and sculptures continues to amaze me. ”

— Andy Kuntz