Art Glass Canada

John Kepkiewicz

Tangled Garden Red 12.5 in x 6.5in $1200, © John KepkiewiczTangled Garden #3, 5.5 in h. x 12.5 in h. $1200Tangled Garden #5, $1300Tangled Garden #7, $1400

John KepkiewiczI have been working with glass since 1979 and opened my own foundry in 1984 and continue to this day.  Fascination with glass began in my late teenage years, when I found myself collecting unusual and even gaudy examples of decorative 19th century glass.    Initially drawn by the technical challenge the medium presents, I still enjoy the limitless possibilities that glass has to offer. I always enjoy the quest to understand why things work.   This continues to reflect in my life-long interests diverging from mechanical technologies (as a current member of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, the Toronto Triumph Club, and the Waterloo British Car Club).   I am a member of the North American Lily Society and the Hamilton Ontario Dahlia Society, which indicate my passion for gardening, forest and fauna.

The Immersion Series is an offshoot of early work.  Bold, rich, vibrant colour and depth are showcased in classical forms, revealing how one can lose oneself in thought and reflection.

The Tangled Garden Series is a progression of the Immersion Series, and is an interpretation of my own garden; both imagined and real.  I live along the Conestoga River in North Waterloo County. As a metaphor, the garden is a symbol for our all too often complex and messy lives, even as we see great beauty there.